- That the way we connect to ourselves reflects on how we connect to others and the world - and how we live, love and lead.





I grew up in an international home with a Latin American mother who always sought a warm embrace and a Scandinavian inhibited father who always greeted by hand. The ambiguity of their relationship management is one of the roots to my dedicated interest in how people connect to their genuine selves in the encounter with themselves and the world. Simultaneously, it has sharpened my observations of the values ​​and norms that define human relating in different cultures.

At university, I studied the expression of sexuality in a very broad sense in art, architecture, literature. As a therapist and coach, I have helped my clients tap into their higher selves, their life energy, as a direct path to creativity, wisdom, and authenticity.

I believe that you get a better life, leadership, and organization by learning to master being present, creating trust, and practicing staying connected to your higher self and higher purpose.  In fact, I believe that genuine connection may be humanity's pivotal survival competence in a digital and volatile future.

I look forward to creating something lasting - and meaningful - together.




Lucy Vittrup 

MA., University Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, ICF certified coach, Therapist, and author of the book Erogi - How to make your sexuality your personal strength (Muusmann, 2014). She has also written two e-books and co-authored the method book Coaching in a New Perspective (Hans Reitzel, 2014). Lucy has been coaching TV stars, hosts, business leaders around the world, performing artists, and individuals for over 20 years. As a university lecturer, she currently serves as an external lecturer at AOD, Academy of Design, Sri Lanka, and for the medical specialization in Gynecology & Obstetrics under the Danish Health Authority. 

Specialized in 4th bottomline leadership, presently Lucy has brought a 15-year spiritual practice to her work as a leadership coach for international entrepreneurs, leaders and CEOs dedicated to unleashing a spiritually grounded leadership. She lectures on both soul driven leadership & entrepreneurship as well as intimacy intelligence & loneliness at conferences, festivals, and for patient associations. In addition, Lucy teaches medical doctors how to handle the conversation about sexuality & intimacy with their patients.

She has an extensive  background in media with her own column on the largest media platform in Denmark, a TV show in Colombia and also hosts the podcast I Seng med Teknologien, about sexuality, intimacy and technology produced by Podimo.

Lucy has also gotten the concept of "skin hunger" and the importance of physical contact on the agenda in Denmark - a subject on which she has been a regular source of expertise in all major Danish media for several years.

She is passionate about studying and exploring the keys to genuine connectedness, presence and trust, accompanied by a strong spiritual practice. She enjoys life in the Scandinavian woods where she lives close to the sea, which she bathes in every day. She has two children aged 19 and 25, has lived in 7 countries, speaks 5 languages ​​and serves clients in Europe, Latin America and Asia.



Jesper Bjerregaard, Ceo and co-founder, Spy System
She challenges, provokes, supports and guides, all with precision and timing. Good coaching is an art. I experience Lucy as a great artist.



Digitality, human relating & intimacy 

I am obsessed with the impact of technology on our relationship competencies. An influence that is perhaps the most overlooked and at the same time most central in a world governed by logarithms, AI, texting, and social media.


Digital humans, robot colleagues, and app-driven partners are part of a present-day reality that fascinates me deeply. Simultaneously, digital relating has also become a means to disrupt human relating in a new way that creates unprecedented disconnection, mis-understandings, increasing stress, anxiety, and severe loneliness, which ultimately is costing human happiness and in some cases life itself.


My latest focus is on the axis spirituality & sexuality in a digital world which I will be holding a TEDx talk about in the UK in October 2022.


"Everyone talks about intimacy as if it is equal to sex, and as if it only has to do with couple’s relationships. Intimacy comes from the Latin intimus. It means inmost. To be intimate means to be with others in the ‘inmost’ space. We must learn to have the courage to genuinely be in the inmost space if we want to survive in a world that is increasingly separating us." - Lucy Vittrup, Radio4, Denmark

The Whisper of The Sea 

A radical decision to leave the vibrant life of the big city in favor of peace in the woods and closeness to the sea has in recent years anchored an incomparable intimacy with nature, my soul and dedication to spend even more of my life intentionally contributing to a better world .


Lucy Vittrup

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