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Why you should start eye gazing immediately

#intimacy #relating #spirituality Sep 15, 2019
4 min read

We meet on a rainy day in Copenhagen to talk about an ambitious start-up. We have never met before IRL. I am a bit annoyed because the invitation was diffuse, the meeting place was difficult to find and he was late. Well, truth be told we were both late.

I sensed a passion, an inner truth, a connection to something very real. I listened.


Why did you invite me? I am busy.

Where to start.


Momentary disconnectedness.

“I’ve had an awakening. I figured it all out. And I want to help the world do the same”.


Big words. Actually quite a courageous statement. I sensed a passion, an inner truth, a connection to something very real. I listened.

The guy is creating an organization that will use all the advanced technologies available in the present day, to help people all over the globe awaken and become aware. To live joyful, fulfilled, connected lives. To relieve the world from suffering. He believes the problem is an entire worlds narrow focus on fear, pain, anger. We need awareness. We need awakening to the power of love.

I know he is right.

I know that leading-edge neuroscientists and brain researchers all over the world are making new discoveries about the power of elevated emotion and transforming the material understanding of humanity as matter to understanding it as energy and frequency as we speak. Tesla spoke about it. Einstein spoke about it. Now is the time. The world is on it’s way to an awareness revolution shifting from the “doing” to “being” paradigm, understanding the dimension of energetic living both individual an organizational levels.

The start-up guy I am meeting with is going to help the Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ of the world get it and integrate it. To save — not the planet — but humanity.

I’m listening. After a few minutes, he explains that he asked me to meet because sexuality is also a part of human life, that is included in his vision, and he wanted to explore how we could collaborate. He is 20 ish years younger than I, has an ambitious, hipster, modern masculine-balanced energy, and is in close contact with his Mac and iPhone.

A large silver ring on his index finger reveals a person of strong character — apart from that he could pass for any other professional of any business.

We have eye contact in the normal attentive way.

But then it happens.

We stop talking and just hold eye contact. I look into his heart and connect to it. I have no clue what he is doing, but it feels like he is doing more or less the same. We stay like that for at least a couple of minutes. He intensifies his gaze.

I know that the eye contact we both courageously kept, allowed us to skip the BS and get to the point in a vibrant way.

The connection clicks. I feel moved. Not in love. Not sexually attracted (although he’s handsome and charismatic). Just moved and profoundly connected. I am ready to listen with an open heart and mind.

The guy opens his Macbook. Slide show. Graphs. Concepts. Organizational diagrams. The dynamic brainstorm and exchange of ideas and suggestions. We are in flow, and everything feels exactly right.

I don’t know the future of the collaboration; but I know that this business meeting ignited inspiration, passion and high motivation to take action in both of us. I know, that the eye contact we both courageously kept, allowed us to skip the BS and get to the point in a vibrant way.

I know that this was a more efficient and meaningful meeting than most business meetings are.

On my way back to my office, I experimented keeping eye contact with the men and women I passed on the pedestrian street. Only one person kept contact. Only one person out of the minimum 100 people I passed, actually had the courage or interest to connect with a fellow citizen.

No wonder the world is in a loneliness & intimacy crisis.

Perhaps it is time to quit the fear and start looking some more people in the eye. Both at home and in your office.


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