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Love is Regenerative - How To (Try) Save The Planet

Dec 21, 2022
Regenerative Leadership; Love

“Now I'm going to tell you my secret. It is quite straightforward: only with the heart can one see correctly. The essential is invisible to the eye.” - The little Prince

These days I am waiting for my TEDx Love In 96 Ways to be published. It is my mission to inspire you and give you concrete #lovehacks for a loving way of being human.

A loving way of being in and with oneself, with others and in the world.

In other words: A loving way of being in life.

We say that love is all. But living a love-filled life is at once the easiest and the hardest.

Easy because love is part of our nature. Difficult because our natural ability to love has been greatly weakened with industrialization, individualization, digitization.

Practicing love in all its forms is the relationship skill of the future

We live in a world that depends on us seriously re-learning to give more than we take. That is the dogma, one could say, of the regenerative mindset, that is pivotal for our survival.

Giving more than we take is love in practice. And it is the prerequisite for life to thrive and develop. Both in ourselves, with each other and in the relationship with nature.

All is connected from the core of the individual to the core of the planet - that's why we have to start with ourselves.

The regenerative mindset is about embracing ourselves as part of nature. According to the regenerative mindset, nature is an organism which in essence is connection, wisdom and love. 

"Love is the wisdom of nature" , the Danish author and expert on regenerative leadership, Laura Storm says. 

Form you to the planet

In order to have full access to living a life of practicing love both to ourselves, others and the planet, most need to retrain the ability to be (non-sexually) intimate.

Few individuals have had role models to copy 'fundamental relational & intimacy skills' from. This ability unfolds its strong potential in the dance between theory and practice and in combination with the important human qualities: Curiosity and courage.

The more we practice love in all its forms, the more we can live a love-filled life and thus automatically - and genuinely - contribute to a better and healthier world. For and with everyone.

Love as a force and energy

Based on the mysticism and the ancient language Sanskrit's 96 words for different love experiences, it is my mission today to inspire you and offer reflections as well as concrete methods to practice love as a force and energy that is innate in all people. A love that we can all activate if only we learn how. A love that grows from the inside out and with which we can meet and interact with in the world. A love that is infinite and can never end.

Everything is energy and everything is connected

Although romantic love is part of the overall picture of love, it is only one out of perhaps hundreds of experiences of love. Love and intimacy, which is expressed in all everyday actions, relationships and approach to life in general is what the focus of my mission is today.

Faith. Hope. Love.

We've reached a point in history where we touch our phones more than we touch each other. Chronic distraction and an all-consuming digital reality are destroying our ability to be close, intimate and loving on a level that is taking a serious toll on both our mental and physical health.

A growing part of the population across age, gender, culture, social class, sexual orientation, etc. develops anxiety, depression and increased risk of suicide with severe loneliness as the cause. Loneliness that is as dangerous to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

One could go so far as to say that we are in a real intimacy crisis.

At the same time, we have taken more from the earth than we have given. That movement must be reversed if we want to survive.

And it starts right inside the heart of the individual. In your, and my heart.

We need hope and faith that there is something on the other side of the inner and outer division that more and more people experience in their everyday lives.

The TEDx talk Love In 96 Ways is a #Lovehack for a more loving life is created to give hope and faith back - with something very concrete to have it in.

With my 25 years of therapeutic experience, recent studies from both sociology, quantum mechanics and regenerative leadership - and not least a deep learning from a lived life's varied journey through the mysterious labyrinths of loneliness, love and intimacy, I have both experience with, hope and faith that there is a solution.

The solution is to connect to love as an energy and develop and strengthen our intimacy intelligence so that from there we can release infinite potential of all the ways of love throughout our lives and the world.

"Love is between you and everything" the great sufi and mystical poet Rumi says.

Let the work begin. We have no more time to waste.

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