Why it is time to give your sexuality priority

erogy life force sexuality Nov 15, 2018

“It is interesting  that  porn  was legalized in 1969 (in Denmark) but in 2018  sexuality is still in shackles” a sexologist said to me at a talk, that I held for his association last week.

My talk was about and how sexuality has been reduced from being an indefinite life force to a basic sex act and a presentation of my suggestions on how to reunite spirit and body by connecting what I call our sex, heart and mind, in other words, Erogy.  

I am frustrated about how much effort  we all make to ignore the fact that we all inherently are sexual beings (as a Erogy & Yoga retreat guest of mine said yesterday: You become a sexual being the moment you are conceived) and that sexuality is not merely about being horny and trying to get everybody into bed with you, but a whole dimension of human life that has to do with the way we relate to ourselves, to others, the way we communicate, touch, dress, move, express etc. etc. It is probably the most vulnerable and most truthful dimension of human existence.

Treated intelligently, our sexuality is a life force beyond measure. I would even say it IS life.


A resource  of power and strength that we can draw on - on the energetic level - as an endless resource to create much stronger connections to both ourselves,  to all the people that we depend on for optimum collaboration every single day of our lives, in every single corner of society. With our life partners, our children, our boss, our clients, our colleagues, our friends. 

The problem is that we are so afraid of sexuality expressing itself, because we have separated our sex from the heart  and the mind & spirit. A primitive and un-evolved sexuality CAN indeed be extremely primitive, transgressive even violent. “Penetrating” if you will.

On the other hand a sexuality that is connected to the heart and mind & spirit, is  an indefinite power source! - A source that you can draw on in every aspect of your life, just like a healthy body and a healthy mind can support all areas of a human life.

A healthy sexuality is not only  proven  to increase happiness  and enhance the immune system, reduce stress, it can create more trustful relationships - an authentic connectivity that is actually at the core of any high performance or relationship between leader and followers, politicians and voters, priest and congregation.

Why are we so afraid of giving sexuality the same conditions for personal development as we have given our emotions and thougts for several decades? Why do we still try to separate sexuality  from the rest of us, confine it in dark rooms of the taboos? Separating our sexuality from the rest of ourselves is like trying to separate the acorn from the tree. Or the flame from the wick. 

Isn’t it time to set that essential life force free and let it provide the creativity, love, connection, authenticity, power, that it has to give?  

First step is to become aware: A question to ask could be: How do you perceive the concept sexuality? What does that word actually mean to you?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to connect on facebook, where I will answer your messages.

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